Four Ways to Rhyme

from by Baba Bomani



1) Real Rhymes - Words or lines of poetry that sound the same at the end because they end in the same letters (cat, hat, bat)
2) Near Rhymes – (some might call them “slant” rhymes) rhymes in which the words sound somewhat identical, as in eyes, light
3) Mispronouncing Words – I like to call this putting the em-PHA-sis on the wrong sy-LA-ble. One can change where they emphasize the word, change long vowels to short, or slur endings of words to make them rhyme. This is a classic way of rhyming, as you can see by reading any of the sonnets of Shakespeare.
4) Make Phrases into Words – Sometimes, what seems to be a compound word, can be made out of smaller words to make them into a Rhyme Word. For example, “Your mom and them” is often shortened to one word - “yourmom’enem.” Another example would be to rhyme the word “Mexico” with the phrase “let it go.”


chorus (2x)
The four ways to rhyme
Brainstorm in your mind
All the words you’ll find
The four ways to rhyme

verse 1
First way is using “real rhymes”
These are the kind that you use all the time
The kind of rhymes you might read in dr. Suess
With the same ending letters like loose, noose or goose
Or same ending sound no matter the letters in use
You can rhyme words like caboose and reduce
With the skills i introduce, you don’t have any excuse
You can get loose off the rhymes you produce
You got the flavor and the juice, you’re the ace not the duce
Rain down thunderous rhymes like a lyrical Zeus,


verse 2
Second are “near rhymes”, some call them “slant"
You can rhyme this way, don’t let them say you can't
Different letters at the end but a similar sound
Rhymes words together like crown, proud and found
Make rhymes from things you find around
When you find them make sure to write them down
Then say them out loud as you can go around town,
Adjectives verbs and nouns, possibilities abound,
Brainstorming like a cloud, your rhymes skills are profound
Your rhymes will astound, and the crowd will be wowed


verse 3
Third you put the “em-PHA-sis on the wrong sy-LA-ble”
Emphasize the wrong syllable like fo-SSIL from FO-ssill
Or change long vowels to short, whatever works for your ear
You can find mispronounced words in the poems of Shakespeare
It might sound wierd, but if context is clear
You can say “i ran in fear through the forest from a bear”
Then everyone will cheer, sing your praises everwhere
You’re an ill rhyme sayer, and a rhyme game player
If rhyming was a city then you’d be more than the mayor
You need a crown for your hair, and a throne would for your chair


verse 4
Fourth, turn phrases into words
It might sound absurd but it's somethings you’ve heard
Like make a word from the phrase out-the-door
To rhyme with hard words like Baltimore
Or ask somebody whatchu-calling-for?
About to make a rhyme train so all-aboard
Get dancers on-the-floor while you’re out on-a-tour
They want the rhymes you got-in-store, what you halting-for
The crowd wants-some-more, let all-them-pour
Like a rhyme Steph Curry you’re about-to-score


from Baba Got BARS vol I, released August 5, 2017
Music and performance by Olu Armah, DeLa Armah and Bomani Armah
Lyrics, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Bomani Armah


all rights reserved



Baba Bomani Washington, D.C.

Baba Bomani, aka the Watermelon man has been using hip-hop, poetry and multi-media disciplines to teach fun and informative workshops with all ages from kindergarteners to graduate students for well over 15 years Bomani . Here you can find his hip-hop music for kids as well as teaching materials showing students the writing process through hip-hop! ... more

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