Three Rules of Creative Writing

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Whether on your own or as an assignment, creative writing is based on your opinion and what you think. You cannot possibly get that wrong. There can be boundaries and parameters to what you are suppose to be writing creatively about, but do not be afraid of the wrong answer “the only wrong answer is a blank answer”.

Legend has it that when Thomas Edison was inventing the light bulb, he tried hundreds of times and failed. One time he electrocuted himself and made his hair stand up on end. when he finally invented the bulb a reporter asked him “how did it feel to fail so many times” to which he replied “I did not fail a thousand times, I discovered a thousand ways that didn’t work”. Don’t worry about having the wrong word, phrase or sentences. Those ideas will eventually lead to the “right” word, phrase or sentences. Creative people are always in a state of discovery!

“Do not edit in your head!” Do you have a notebook, journal or diary? If not you should get one. Write your ideas down. Some of my best ideas started of as “bad” ideas in my head. once I wrote them down, I was able to edit, revise, remix, rethink and eventually turn it into a really good song, poem or essay.


Rule One

It’s exciting, when we do creative writing
Inspiration igniting ideas like lightning
In a poem or a song, don’t worry what word belongs
Your opinion is impossible to get wrong
Brainstorming ideas is how art is made
Raise your hand, write it down, no need to be afraid
We really want to know what you think
The only answer that’s wrong is an answer that’s blank

Rule Two

Creating something new can be stressful
Having the right attitude can help you be successful
Edison’s attitude helped him not go berserk
“I didn’t fail a thousand times, I found a thousand ways that didn’t work”
So don’t worry that the word, phrase or sentence isn’t right
Every idea you put out there can spark another light
This is the rough draft nobody sees
Writers don’t make mistakes, we make discoveries

Rule Three

Do you have a diary, a notebook or a journal
To make sure your bright ideas don’t stay internal
Make sure you have a place to write ideas down
When you see them on a page they’re easy to move around
You can revise, remix, rethink and edit
Best of all, you won’t regret it because you won’t forget it
To make sure your ideas can evolve and spread
Do not edit in your head


from Baba Got BARS vol I, released August 5, 2017
Written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Bomani Armah


all rights reserved



Baba Bomani Washington, D.C.

Baba Bomani, aka the Watermelon man has been using hip-hop, poetry and multi-media disciplines to teach fun and informative workshops with all ages from kindergarteners to graduate students for well over 15 years Bomani . Here you can find his hip-hop music for kids as well as teaching materials showing students the writing process through hip-hop! ... more

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